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Welcoming Sabre Italia as new dealership in Italy

décembre 12, 2023 1 lecture minimale

Welcoming Sabre Italia as new dealership in Italy

Easy Petrol Post Driver, the industry-leading solution for efficient and precise post installation, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Sabre Italia as a new dealership for Italy. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in providing Italian gardeners, farmers, and installers with unparalleled tools to enhance productivity and safety.
The Easy Petrol Post Driver is renowned for its high-speed execution, ensuring not only increased profitability but also an improvement in working conditions and safety standards for professionals in Italy.

Allan Cademartiri, Managing Director of Sabre Italia, says of the partnership:
"Finally, even in Italy, gardeners, farmers, and installers now have the concrete possibility of increasing their profitability thanks to the high speed of execution and improving the working and safety conditions of their employed that the Easy professional post drivers can guarantee for many years. The Easy line of post drivers will certainly increase Dealers’ and Customers’ interest in our Company. Sincere thanks to Easy Petrol Post Driver."

Designed for user-friendly operation and constructed with durability in mind, the Easy Petrol Post Driver is a reliable companion for professionals across various industries. Its introduction to the Italian market through Sabre Italia's dealership is expected to generate heightened interest among both dealers and customers.

Sabre Italia can be contacted at:
Via Spinà, 9
36033 Isola Vicentina (VI) Italy
Tel. 0444-977655 r.a.
Cell. 3357751101