Easy Soil Sampling Kit

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Powerful, Lightweight, Portable

Product Description

Our Easy Soil Sampling Kit will remove a 1500mm x 38mm soil sample.
The sample can be slid into clear acrylic specimen tubes & sealed with end caps. This enables the sample to be transported and inspected without disturbance.
A very cost effective method of taking a deep soil sample. Easily determine nutrient content, composition, and other characteristics such as the acidity or pH level.

Extend sample depth to 3000mm
An extension tube is also available to take a sample up to 3000mm deep.
To use the extension you need to drive in the standard tube to its full length first, then extract the sample and then go down the same hole again and add the joiner and top tube and keep driving to take the remainder of the sample.
A block of timber under the foot jack is handy to get the tube up a bit higher out of the ground to get around the assembly and bolts.

What is Included?
– 2 x Steel Sampling Tubes
– 1 x Tube Transport Bag
– 1 x Foot Jack
– 1 x Tough Box
– 4 x Acrylic Specimen Tubes and End Caps
– 1 x 54mm Reducing Adapter (slides into the standard 78mm adapter which comes with the machine)
Available Extras
– Steel Sampling Tube –
– Soil Sampler Extension and Joiner
– Acrylic Specimen Tube & End Caps 
– Easy Petrol Post Driver machine, 78mm Sleeve, Tough Box & Fuel Can

Instructions for Use
– Drive the Steel Sampling Tube its full length in the required location.
– Slide over the Foot Jack.
– Use the Foot Jack to remove the Tube out of the ground.
– Remove the Foot Jack over the top of the Tube.
– Carefully slide your earth sample into the Specimen Tube.
– Seal with the End Caps.

We advise using the 54mm Reducing Adapter with 78mm Standard Adapter on the Easy Petrol Post Driver. Also suitable for use with the Multi UK B Adapter Kit.

Manufactured and Invented by Christie Engineering of Australia.
European Distribution by SPA Landscaping Ltd.

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