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Film Maker, Carney Turner, Makes Use Of The Easy Petrol Post Driver On His Farm

mars 04, 2022 2 min läst

Film Maker, Carney Turner, Makes Use Of The Easy Petrol Post Driver On His Farm

Carney James Turner is predominately a Film Maker, but also describes himself as a “Wanna-be Farmer”.  Carney started his film making career by traveling to Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1988, aged just 16, with his Minolta 7000 SLR. He to films shorts that got him a place on the TV and broadcasting course, ran by Jeremy Barr at Ravensbourne Film College.  

Nowadays, as well as still being a film maker for Television and Broadcast, he is also “attempting to be a farmer” on his farm in Derbyshire.  Recently he had a few problems with one of his Highland Cows escaping into is neighbour’s field. He neighbor was not to best please with the cow mucking around in his field, so he and Carney decided to do some fencing work together to stop the escape artist Whilst working they were using an older method of knocking in posts using a very large metal hammer, which after using, Carney was told by his neighbor (an actual farmer) “You're not made for this boy!”, Carney thought to himself “you might be right there”. Not to be deterred he did some researching and found our Easy Petrol Post Driver, which turned out the be the exact machine he needed for the job. With over 5000 four-inch fence posts needing to be knocked in, using the Easy Petrol Post Driver and Pilot Core Tool was “one of the best decisions he could have made.” As well as using the driver for his fencing to keep his cows from escaping, he also used it for slightly smaller three-inch posts into the ground for planting trees. The ground was much more uneven and on a hillside, but Carney did not run into any issues for this job either. With help from his team he was knocking in around 15 posts in every 12 minutes. From his time using The Easy Petrol Post Driver, Carney said “It's great! You know you are going to save time, save energy and let us face it, you're less likely to injure yourself with this, particularly if you are working alone.”  “It's reliable and effective, and it’s a brilliant asset to my little farm, if someone is sitting on the fence and getting one, you definitely won't be disappointed.” You can check out the full video Carney Turner Customer Story video he provided us at Customer Story - Carney James Turner You can also find out more about The Easy Petrol Post Driver at