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How Petrol Post Drivers Redefine Fence Installation

februar 13, 2024 4 min læst

How Petrol Post Drivers Redefine Fence Installation

Find out why Petrol Post Drivers are the perfect piece of kit to add to your armoury. Helping you get on top of stock fencing and gap filling ahead of turning out your stock in the next few weeks.

Spring is on its way, and before you know it, it’ll be time for turning out your livestock back into the fields after the worst of the winter weather is out of the way. Before you turn out, you will need to inspect your stock proof fencing to make sure that it is exactly that… stock proof!

Right now you will have gap filling your agricultural stock fencing on your mind whether you need to knock in a few posts to fill a small gap, or a larger area of fencing needs replacing or repairing. No worries though, we’ve got your back.

Traditional and non-mechanical methods of fence repair involve strenuous manual labour which is as time-consuming as it is back breaking. Or it might be that you have a tractor mounted post knocker, but for a small area in a field you might feel it’s not worth assembling and mounting it to get out there for the sake of knocking in a handful of posts.

This is where the Easy Petrol Post Driver is a game-changer for farmers and landowners looking for a more cost and time effective solution for fencing repairs.

Read on to find out more about why Easy Petrol Post Drivers are an excellent investment when it comes to agricultural fencing installation and farmland maintenance.


The Benefits of Petrol Post Drivers for Agricultural Fencing Repairs


Time and labour efficient with a handheld post driver

One of the primary advantages of using one of our petrol-powered post knockers is the significant reduction in time and manual labour required for fencing repairs. Traditional methods, such as manual digging and hammering posts, can be time-consuming and physically demanding. Our post drivers streamline the process, making it possible as a job that can be carried out singlehandedly. A bonus if you have a lot of jobs to do with the farm workers you have available to you, and time is running out.

If you usually use a tractor mounted post knocker, we also guarantee that it’ll be quicker to sling one of these pieces of kit into the back of your truck with a few posts and get out there, than it will to set up your rig on your tractor. So where time is of the essence, your farmhands will be glad of the time and energy saving help a handheld powered post driver offers.


Better precision for firmer seating of fence posts

Petrol post drivers provide a high level of precision when it comes to placing fence posts. The controlled impact of our knockers ensures that posts are driven into the ground at a consistent depth, making them more uniformly seated. This in turn improves the strength and integrity of the fencing installation. This precision is essential for creating a robust and reliable fence line, especially in agricultural settings where fences are subjected to varying weather and ground conditions and potential stress from livestock.


Easily adaptable, whatever the terrain

Agricultural properties often feature diverse terrains, from soft and sandy soils to hard and rocky mixed soils and surfaces. Using heavy machinery during the winter months especially can cause significant ground damage. Petrol post drivers are designed to help you handle a variety of terrains, providing a versatility that manual post driving methods will struggle to keep up with.

The ability to adapt to different ground conditions makes petrol post drivers a valuable asset for farmers working in challenging environments. In particular if you have hard to access areas, where a tractor or larger machine can’t access or risk causing significant ground damage, especially in winter, one of our post drivers is an essential tool for the job. So, if you have terrain that cuts through steep woodland, into ravines and cuttings or undulating ground that makes for an access problem, approaching the job on foot is likely your only option. Easily carried, this is a bit of kit that’s easy to get into these spaces to help you get the job done.


Reduced physical strain for workers

We know that agricultural workers are no strangers to the physical demands of the profession. Using manual methods for fence repairs can lead to fatigue, muscle strain, and not to mention injuries and repetitive stress problems. Our fence post drivers alleviate this burden by automating the heavy mauling element of manual fencepost driving, reducing the physical strain on the fence installer. This not only enhances safety for your workers but allows them to work for longer on the job due to decreased fatigue.


Cost-effective tool for your farm

While the initial investment in an Easy Petrol Post Driver may seem significant if you already have a solution you use on your farm, the benefits of adding this tool to your kit are undeniable. The efficiency and durability of our machines mean fewer repairs and replacements over time. Also, the time saved in labour costs can contribute to increased productivity on your farm, making the investment in a petrol post driver a wise and cost-effective choice.


Embracing innovation in fence installation and maintenance with Easy Petrol Post Drivers is not just a smart investment – it’s a transformative step towards efficient and sustainable farm management. So, as you gear up for the spring, it’s time to consider how this powerful tool can redefine your approach to stock fencing and gap filling, ensuring your farm is secure and ready for when you turn your livestock out in to the spring sunshine.  


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