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How to Use the Easy Petrol Post Driver

Januar 25, 2023 1 Minute gelesen

1.      Check oil and unleaded fuel - top up if necessary

2.      Switch machine on - red switch on the throttle handle

3.      Engage the choke to 'On' position, and prime the engine by pressing the rubber prime bulb a few times.

4.      Pull the throttle cord on the Honda engine firmly to start the engine, and return gently

5.      Upon starting the engine, release the choke

6.      Leave the engine to warm up for one minute - you may need to leave the choke on for a little while until it is warmed up.

7.      Put ear defenders on

8.      Whilst the engine is warming up, prepare the ground and prepare the post.

9.      Lift the machine onto the post - if the post is too tall you can lay the machine horizontally, insert the post into the adapter whilst on the ground, and then lift the machine with post upright.

10.  Apply a downward force of 5-10kg and engage the throttle (Do not engage the throttle until a downward force is applied)

11.  Keep the downward force applied until the throttle is released. This allows the hammer to engage, and prevents dry firing.