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Installation de systèmes de haut-parleurs dans plus de 100 spectacles

mars 04, 2022 2 lecture minimale

Installing Speaker Systems at over 100 Shows
With over 100 outdoor shows a year Michael and Sean from HG1 Communications are constantly on-the-go installing and breaking down speaker systems. The back-breaking work and intensive labour offers a demanding challenge for the Harrogate based business. Then, at Midlands Machinery Show a year ago a chance meeting occurred between Michael and Easy Petrol Post Driver.

Chance meeting at Midlands Machinery Show

During the lively show the two guys were on their usual walk round; checking in on their speaker systems and it just so happened that behind our stand were some of the aforementioned speakers. Noticing that we were about to launch into a demonstration of the post driver they watched from afar as the machine drove a 4” stake into the ground. Sean ventured over to find out just how the Australian manufacturing machine worked. After all, a method like this would mean the days of sledgehammering were over. Upon us discovering the speakers were installed using scaffold poles we recognised the potential to save the guys a huge amount of time during install. After demoing the machine on a scaffold pole for the pair, they decided to invest, citing “It’s a big investment for a relatively small company, but it’s money well-spent. There are other versions of petrol post knockers on the market, but as the old saying goes: you buy cheap, you buy twice.”

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Early finishes with the post driver

A year on from their purchase we were delighted to hear that the Easy Petrol Post Driver has been treating HG1 well. Michael, the business owner says: “Best thing we’ve ever bought, it works really well, and the amount of time it saves is unbelievable. It’s gotten to the point now where we’re doing jobs and we’re finishing earlier, and we actually think we’ve forgotten something because we’ve got so much time left. For example, last year we finished setting up Midlands Machinery Show at 5pm, this year we finished at 3pm, it’s great as it means we can go to the pub earlier, and Sean buys the beer”. The former electrician also talked glowingly about how much enjoyment he has in running his own business, especially in the public address and outdoor events industry. “It’s much more fun, apart from when it’s cold and wet, or it’s raining, and you’ve got 100 speakers to put up… fortunately the post knocker has never not worked.”

From the Great Yorkshire Show to the Southport Flower Show

Working away at over 100 shows per year the duo sees it all - from old Hot Rods on the beach, to the Great Yorkshire Show, and Southport Flower Show, with the latter being their highlight. Away from travelling the length and breadth of the country Michael also involves himself in wiring machinery up that he learnt from his time as an electrician, though when it comes to relaxing it’s in the pub with his family. Whereas Sean spends his spare time as a DJ, including the notoriously cheesy weddings (his words, not ours!). Thank you, Sean and Michael, for taking the time to chat to us on a very cold day at Midlands Machinery Show 2019.