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Fencing For National Utilities - Premier Greens

avril 27, 2023 1 lecture minimale

Fencing For National Utilities - Premier Greens

Jim spotted the Easy Petrol Post Driver at the APF exhibition and following a demo at the show decided to purchase it to use on fencing contracts. He wanted to replace their old Atlas Copco hydraulic machine. “It’s very heavy and needs a separate power pack, we needed something lighter weight and easier to handle.”

Infograph describing the applications of the user

Multi Kit for varied post sizes

Jim’s main clients are national utilities companies throughout the UK. On these contracts he is installing long runs of new fencing, repairing old fencing, and installing tree support stakes. He took his machine with the Multi-UK-A adapter set which covers all his needs for 75mm, 90mm and 100mm round timber stakes.
He says his Easy Post Driver comes into its own on difficult terrain, wet areas, and for replacing rotten posts.

Save time and make it safe

Jim says they typically use their machine a couple of times a week, which he says “saves us a lot of physical effort compared to the old ways”. He also mentioned the health and safety benefits of the EPPD are very important for their client base – these being low HAV values, safe for lone working, lightweight for solo use.

Premier Greens Limited are based in Warwickshire and can be contacted at or by calling Jim on 07860 665123

Thank you ever so much to Jim for taking some time out at Lamma 2023 to talk to us. If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about your own story, please contact us on or call 0114 269 9119.