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The Top Benefits of Harnessing the Power of a Petrol Post Driver

juin 03, 2024 3 lecture minimale

The Top Benefits of Harnessing the Power of a Petrol Post Driver

No matter whether you’re aforestry orfencing contractor,farmer or land owner, ahire outlet,landscaper,marquee contractor or more, there’s a myriad of reasons why you should add the power of a Petrol Post Driver to your equipment range.

Using a handheld petrol post driver for post and fence installation offers several benefits versus manual post driving methods, including increased speed, efficiency, safety and consistency (to name a few) ultimately saving you time, money and labour on your projects.

Let’s explore some of them below!

Power, efficiency and consistency when knocking in posts

Petrol-powered post drivers provide ample force to drive posts into the ground quickly and effectively, significantly reducing the time and effort required to install posts compared to manual methods, such as hand-knocking with a sledgehammer or installing posts with a slide hammer. The high impact 1720 BPM hammer action of an Easy Petrol Post Driver coupled with its ultra-reliable Honda GX35T 4-stroke engine swiftly and easily sets posts into the ground.

Petrol post drivers also ensure consistent depth and alignment of posts, resulting in a neat, uniform and professional-looking post installation as standard with less effort. This consistency is difficult to achieve with manual methods, where worker fatigue, soil conditions or uneven force application can lead to inconsistencies.

Versatility for different soil types, post sizes and project spaces

Petrol post drivers can be used in various soil types, including compacted or rocky ground, where manual methods often struggle to drive in. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of fence installation projects, allowing for more flexibility when choosing an installation site and ensuring consistent performance regardless of soil conditions.

For more challenging ground conditions or when installing larger posts, we recommend using our Pilot Core Tool beforehand to remove a core of earth out of the ground prior to driving in your stakes to speed up installation time.

We also provide a range of different post driver adapters, meaning that a Petrol Post Driver is a truly versatile post driving tool that’s suitable for all post types, including all metal shapes and all timber types - peeled, turned, split and half-round - and even Clipex fencing. For more information on choosing the right adapter for your project, check out our blog “Which Petrol Post Driver Adapters are Best for Which Jobs?”.

The Easy Petrol Post Driver’s portability is another key feature that makes it an invaluable and versatile piece of equipment to add to your arsenal. A lighter weight self-contained unit, it can be easily transported around different job sites, unlike a cumbersome hydraulic machine or tractor-mounted driver, easily driving in posts in tight spots or vast areas where it’s slower or more difficult to manoeuvre with heavier machinery.

Increased safety and reduced physical strain

Manual post driving methods require considerable physical effort, often leading to fatigue, strain and potential injuries for workers. Petrol post drivers reduce the risk of these injuries, eliminating hazards such as swinging hammers, accidental strikes or sprains and strains to enhance overall safety on the job site. As well as reducing the risk of injury, a petrol post knocker reduces physical strain on the user too. One person can drive 200+ posts per day without fatigue!

Better productivity and long-term cost effectiveness

While an Easy Petrol Post Driver may represent a large initial investment, its durability and efficiency boost productivity by completing installations faster and with fewer labour hours, meaning long-term cost savings over manual methods.

Since it’s operated by a single user, this means fewer man-hours are required to complete projects, leading to significant savings in labour costs and allowing workers to focus their attention on other pressing tasks. The versatility of this genius petrol post knocker also makes it a worthy investment by granting you the ability to tackle a wide range of projects and post driving applications.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out our customer stories from across a range of diverse industries and applications that prove just why you need the power of a Petrol Post Driver in your corner.

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