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Pilot Core Tool

The Pilot Core Tool allows you to drive posts into difficult ground conditions.
It removes a core of earth out of the ground prior to driving in your stakes, using the Easy Petrol Post Driver. When the ground is hard, bone dry or rocky it enables the job to take place in any condition, and it speeds up the overall time of driving each post in.

Also recommended when the ground is made up of heavy clay, or chalk.

  • Increase productivity driving 90mm-100mm diameter posts.
  • Cutting Head heat treated; extremely hard & durable.
  • Requires Easy Petrol Post Driver with Magnum Adapter (sold separately)
  • Fit the 107mm Adapter to the Easy Petrol Post Driver.
  • Slide the Spacer Collar onto the Pilot Core Tool.
  • Drive the Pilot Core Tool in the required location.
  • Drive to a depth of 150mm (6”) less than the required post depth.
  • Insert the T-Bar horizontally into the Pilot Core Tool. Use a stake as a lever, then Twist & Pull to remove the Core of Earth.
  • The ground is now prepared to drive your stakes with the Easy Petrol Post Driver.

If the ground is exceptionally dry, fill the hole with water & allow to soak for a few minutes. An increased moisture content in the soil will enable stakes to drive much faster.

This article also gives some handy tips on how to drive posts in when you have hard ground.