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Which Petrol Post Driver Adapters are Best for Which Jobs?

april 03, 2024 6 min läst

Which Petrol Post Driver Adapters are Best for Which Jobs?

The Easy Petrol Post Driver is a highly versatile post knocker tool that is suitable for many applications across a range of industries. From farming and agriculture, grounds maintenance and landscaping, forestry, entertainment and outdoor events and even more, no matter the task at hand, there’s an adapter to make it happen with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Even if you already have a larger hydraulic machine or similar for post knocking tasks, a Petrol Post Driver is still worth adding to your machinery roster. Getting a big machine into smaller or more awkward areas, such as the very edge of fields, around trees and in corners, can prove difficult, or terrain can be too rocky or steep, making it near impossible to gain access to with a tractor mounted post driver.

This is where the Petrol Post Driver shines. This portable, lightweight post driving machine can be thrown in the back of a truck or simply carried to where it needs to be used. A much less physically demanding alternative to traditional manual post knocking methods, it can be used all day without operator fatigue. Powered by anultra-reliable Honda GX35T 4-Stroke engine, it can drive any pole, stake or post shape from 10mm-100mm when coupled with the correct adapter to save time and effort, as well as minimising the risk of post misalignment or damage.

All post sizes and profiles are suitable for use with our post driver, including chestnut and acacia posts and metal U/X/Z-profile posts, plus it’s compatible with popular fencing brand names such as Gripple, Hadley Posts, Versalok and Clipex.

So, which Petrol Post Driver adapters are best for which jobs? Let’s explore some of the many ways a post driver tool can be utilised in a variety of fence installing and post driving settings - we guarantee that its versatility will surprise you!


Round adapters

When combined with one of our many round adapters, the Petrol Post Driver will install round posts and stakes across a variety of different industries with precision and reliability.

A round timber post is a common sight across farms and forests worldwide. Most customers invest in a Petrol Post Driver to transform the way they carry out agricultural stock fencing installation and landscaping and farmland maintenance, something that our versatile range of round adapters are more than equipped to handle – allowing you to drive in different sizes, shapes and materials with ease.

A Petrol Post Driver also revolutionises tree planting for forestry and landscaping contractors. Before investing in a petrol-driven post driver of their own, one customer claimed that, in their experience, a team of two would drive 60 posts for mass tree planting into the ground on average per day using the traditional sledgehammer method. By introducing an Easy Petrol Post Driver, this number increased 20-fold to 1,200 posts driven in just one day!

Another application that may be a less obvious one is in public address settings and outdoor events. With outdoor audio systems, festoon lighting, signage and more typically set up on festival sites using scaffold poles, installing and breaking down these labour-intensive systems with the use of a trusted Petrol Post Driver saves a huge amount of time and effort in an industry where time is always of the essence. Scaffold poles are typically of 48mm diameter, and we supply various adapter sets to fit them for efficient scaffolding set up.

When working with many different sized round stakes and posts, investing in a 3-in-1 multi adapter kit is a great idea. With six combinations to choose from, each featuring three adapters sizes that slot into each other,as well as customisations available to tailor your post driver perfectly to the task at hand, a Petrol Post Driver Multi Kit  provides versatility for all sorts of post sizes. Perfect for fencing contractors that need to be prepared to install long runs of new fencing or repair old fencing for different clients.

Our Multi-UK-B adapter kit includes the broadest range of sizes, including one 107mm, one 78mm and one 52mm adapter, making it suitable for 95% of users and perfect for a wide range of post driving applications.


Square and rectangle adapters

Square, rectangle and half-round timber fence posts are typically used for agriculture and livestock farming, including Post and Rail fencing and equestrian paddocks, as well as Waney lap fencing panels, while smaller square posts are often used for tree support stakes or whip planting.

These types of posts require that the flat sides line up, so our square and rectangle post driver adapters in a range of sizes allow you to steer 1”-4” square posts and rectangular posts up to 5”x3” into just the right position with perfect alignment. Our rectangular and square adapters are also compatible with metal U-profile posts for wall plates corner/gate post adapters, and Z-profile posts for stock fencing.


Estate fencing adapter

As the name suggests, the Estate Fencing Adapter is designed for installing flat top iron posts for estate fencing. Traditional estate fencing gives country houses, parklands and private gardens a timeless look, but the flat steel bars require pin-point accurate installation to achieve that classy final result.

Using an estate fence adapter with your post rammer provides the guide needed to enable consistent depth and perfectly aligned estate fencing, adding structure to a landscape and delineating outdoor spaces in a stylish way.

Estate fence posts typically range from 46x6mm to 56x14mm, however we will request the dimensions of your posts when you place your order to ensure that we make your adapter just the right size for the job, and is even included within the price.


Angle iron adapter

An Angle Iron Adapter is for driving angle iron posts for chain link fencing.

Typically used for security and boundary fencing around tennis courts and other sports areas, playgrounds, parks, schools, for dog fences and more, chain link fences are the preferred choice for areas frequented by children and animals.

With an internal diameter of 52x52x8mm, our Angle Iron Adapter is suitable for knocking 2" angle iron posts (50x50x5mm).


Marquee adapter

Not a separate interchangeable adapter, but instead a whole other machine designed specifically to drive marquee pins, the Petrol Post Drive Marquee Machine is the perfect solution for events contractors, marquee installers and people working in festival, wedding and other outdoor event industries.

The Marquee Machine post driver is adaptable to every marquee pin size up to 60mm, including mushroom heads, double mushrooms, hook pins or rebars, both straight or bent over, and can be driven in at any angle - perfect for if you’re working in tighter spaces.


Custom adapter

When the task requires a bespoke touch, we are more than equipped to make custom adapters from 10mm-107mm for your Petrol Post Driver.

We have previously designed custom post driver adapters for T-bar posts, vineyard posts, ground anchors, river bank restraints and estate fencing, and are able to create them in any shape or profile to suit your specific application. Get in touch with your post dimensions for a free quotation.


Pilot core tool

As a fencing contractor, it’s important to have the ability to drive a variety of different posts into any ground conditions. If you’re installing thicker posts (90mm-100mm) and working with hard, dry or stony ground, or ground that’s made up heavy clay or chalk, then we recommend adding our Pilot Core Tool to your post driver set-up to prime difficult ground conditions for fence installation.

Use the Pilot Core Tool to remove a core of earth before driving stakes into the ground. You can also pour water into the hole created by the Pilot Core Tool to let the ground sit and soak first, helping it to soften up before you drive any posts in with the Petrol Post Driver.

We love hearing all about the unique scenarios that our customers face across a range of different industries, and seeing how the Easy Petrol Post Driver has been there time-and-time again to ensure each job runs as smoothly as possible.


How do I know what size adapter to use?

To get the most effective use from your Petrol Post Driver, the adapter size needs to be a snug fit for the post size you’re working with. We recommend that your adapter is no more than 5-10mm larger than your post. For non-round posts, i.e. squared and T-shaped posts, the outer corners also need to be within this tolerance.

Petrol Post Driver machine and adapter bundles

We offer a range of pre-designed machine and adapter bundles that take the guesswork out of which adapters you need for your particular post driving needs:

If you’re not sure which post driver adapter is right for your specific application, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.


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