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The Showmans Show 2019 Review

October 21, 2019 2 min read

The Showmans Show 2019 Review
The Showmans Show once again proved to have all the fun of a fair with an educational come comedic sheep show, dinosaurs and a revamped marquee pin installer.

Marquee Pin Installer

For the team at Easy Petrol Post Driver, the show offered the perfect opportunity to officially launch our re-designed marquee pin installer. We listened to consumer feedback to develop the existing model into something more suitable for the niche market of events and marquee hire. From this we designed a new concept that allows customers to drive any size peg or pin into the ground at any depth. By working closely with you, we custom design the adapter to your requirements, meaning no more bungees to hold additional cups in place, or bolts that loosen after a seasons use. The redesign was completed by December 2018, allowing a select few customers to trial the new model prototypes over the winter season. The testing went very well allowing us to offer the new model to all existing customers in Spring 2019, ready for the busy summer season. Heading into the autumn months the feedback received was incredibly positive, the new custom adapter works completely as anticipated with a much more efficient process for driving pegs. Thank you to Lex Marquees, Arena Structures, Hurlingham Stretch Tents, Four Seasons Marquees, and Evolution Dome for being our winter prototype models, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Looking to Showmans Show 2020

We’d like to thank the team at Lance Publications for hosting another great show and we look forward to returning in 2020. And if you have an Easy Petrol Post Driver with Marquee Adapter which isn’t working, we encourage you to get in touch right away to convert to the new model.

Exhibitors at The Showmans Show

Thousands of visitors arrived, eager to discover the next best product for the events and marquee industry, and they weren't left disappointed. The “Box That Rox” showcased their innovative spin on karaoke, with a fully soundproof music studio for you to sing your heart out to your favourite tunes, to the amusement of your friends watching from outside…complete with sound, naturally! Just a few stands down the Rent-A-Dinosaur crew regularly turned the showground into a scene from Jurassic Park, with a giant T-Rex roaming the exhibition flanked by its babies. Plus Joseph’s Amazing Camels once again stole the show; offering camel racing, polo and camel rides, Josephs is the company in the UK that specialises in these magnificent creatures.