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Why is your machine more expensive than the others I’ve found on the internet?

We are asked this question regularly, this summary gives the answers...Still got more questions? Please do get in touch!

Build quality:

  • This is a professional tool built to withstand long hard work
  • All parts manufactured and assembled in Australia. Every single element from the raw material is cast, machined, heat treated and assembled in Sydney, Australia.
  • Quality control has 3 stages at casting, machining and assembly.
  • Materials used are of premium quality-high grade steel, metal replacement plastics for the piston/con rod assembly, and tool steel for the hammer pieces.
  • Materials are individually sourced from industry leading mills.
  • All parts are hand finished by skilled engineers to remove any burring from the machining process.
  • The gearing has been developed to work in perfect harmony with the Honda GX35 engine RPM, giving maximum power at the hammer.
  • Low servicing requirements – the machine works using air compression technology, meaning there is no physical connection between the engine drive, and the hammer. This results in very low wear of parts, with only re-greasing and a series of o-rings and dampers to change every 12 months.
  • This machine came to market in 2010, it is built for professionals, by professionals.

Honda 4-stroke engine:

  • Easy to start, low servicing requirements.
  • Alternative models have cheaper 2-stroke engines which are difficult to start and are not tuned to match the gearing.


  • At 15.3kg dry weight this machine is easy to lift onto a tall post.
  • Alternative supplier machines are ranging from 19kg to a whopping 25kg, which is a significant struggle when lifting at head height.

Warranty, After care, Repairs:

  • If customers do unfortunately have a problem or their machine suffers some damage we are there to provide immediate support with getting the machine back to full working order again.
  • In Europe we only experience 0.4% warranty claims, a very low percentage.

A lifetime of manufacturing experience:

  • Christie Engineering are a pioneering engineering company leading the way not only with Post Drivers, but many other bespoke products used in mining, agriculture & dam building across the world. These include rock drills, battery chargers, soil sampling rigs.
  • The company is run by 3 family members; two brothers Peter and Michael Christie, and their father Les Christie the company founder and designer of the original Post Driver. Between them they have qualifications and experience in manufacturing, hydraulic, electrical and telecommunications engineering, as well as bespoke engineering development.
  • Each business owner has studied with and worked for large engineering companies before becoming a part of the business, including Caterpillar and Atlas Copco.
  • Since 2010 the machine has undergone development and refinement by the manufacturers, always ensuring that the machine is becoming more efficient with every progression.

We have all heard the saying 'buy cheap, buy twice' ...spend it once with Easy Petrol Post Driver!