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Stock Fencing in Derbyshire

March 04, 2022 3 min read

Simon Yates with his Post Driver in action

“I see a lot of things other people don’t see on a daily basis and it’s very satisfying.”

On a crisp morning in the heart of the picturesque Peak District, we met Simon Yates, a self-taught farmer who purchased an Easy Petrol Post Driver Multi-Kit in Spring 2018. We headed out to his farm to find out all about him and his story.

Growing Up

Simon talks about how he and his father had always dreamed of becoming farmers after their many family holidays in Cornwall. The passion and love for all things agricultural radiated through them, they just needed to take that next, bold step. Which is when Simon recalls “Some land became available next to where my parents lived and we managed to successfully buy it.” This led to Simon being able to leave his mechanical background and pursue his dreams of running his own farm, by first working with his dad.

Present Day

Now, with 23 cattle across 32 acres of land he speaks so openly about his adoration of the work he does, even when it’s not always financially rewarding. “I see a lot of things other people don’t see on a daily basis and it’s very satisfying.” Even taking the time to appreciate the contrast in the beauty and beastly seasonal weather we have “There’s never really a dull moment. A lot of hard work.”

Infograph describing the application

Purchasing In coming across the Easy Petrol Post Driver, he tells us of how it was old fashioned, word-of-mouth that brought it to his attention. “A friend of mine told me he’d seen you at a big agricultural show. He was wondering whether to buy one himself”. From this, Simon decided to delve further and researched us on the internet, before phoning to place his order.

Using the Post Driver

Initially, Simon purchased the post driver to assist when replacing stock fencing. “Your post driver appealed to me because I couldn’t get a tractor to knock posts in due to the adverse terrain. Nine times out of ten the weather conditions weren’t right. But you can walk to a fence, walk to a wall and use the post driver successfully, and anything is better than using a sledgehammer!” Simon perfectly backs up what we say to people time and time again: The Easy Petrol Post Driver isn’t on the market to replace tractor mounted post drivers, it’s on the market to compliment them. To complete the jobs the tractor just isn’t able to do.

Simon with his Post Driver

It’s not just stock fencing Simon has used the machine for either, he’s since utilised the power and versatility to tackle additional jobs. Like the time he was installing a metal gate on his land: “It has successfully knocked in a metal gate post with a pilot hole. I made a hole with the mini digger, popped some concrete in it and made final adjustments to the gate to get the alignment correct using the post knocker. I was surprised how easily it went in. No damage to the post at all.”


When asking about how he found the experience of dealing with us, Simon was very happy to provide a wonderful review. “I’d sum it up quite easily, second to none personal attention.” We’re delighted to have delivered this level of customer service as we pride ourselves on the great reputation we have built.

End of the Day

Finishing off, we were very interested to find out how Simon relaxes and spends his downtime after a hard-working week. “Treats are very few and far between. I tormented myself watching Sheffield United for many years. I went to Buxton Opera House Monday night, I like the Opera House and going out for meals. It’s a nice part of the world where I live.” The beautiful thing about these customer stories is just how much more we learn about those using the Easy Petrol Post Driver. Simon wasn’t born into a farming family; the family became farmers as it had always been their dream to do. The love for the countryside and attending to animals on a daily basis provides Simon with a something much more rewarding than financial gain.

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