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Experienced Forestry and Landscaping Contractors

March 04, 2022 2 min read

Post driving on a hillside

Graham Bradley runs a Forestry and Landscaping contractors, specialising in woodland creation, fencing, scrub clearance, and tree planting.

Based in the Lake District for the past 30 years, Graham and his team have planted “millions of trees”. Prior to purchasing his Easy Petrol Post Driver, their old method of knocking in posts using a sledgehammer was not up to the job.

Each tree is supported by a 2-inch round posts. For Graham and his team, the Easy Petrol Post Driver was a no brainer to make the jobs more finically viable and as well as time efficient. Before using the driver, a team of 2 would on average drive 60 posts into the ground by hand a day. With the Easy Petrol Post Driver this has increased twenty times, to 1200 in a single day.

Why the Easy Petrol Post Driver?

Due to the nature of the landscape in the lake district being rather hilly, using a tractor mounted post knocker or hydraulic post driver was not an option, as they could not get the machine into required areas. But with the lightweight nature of the Easy Petrol Post Driver (15kg) this was not an issue and could even be taken from site to site on the back of one of their quadbikes.

Even running into some of the hard ground around the Lake District didn’t cause any issues when driving their 2-inch posts into the ground. Graham said that the Easy Petrol Post Driver is one of the “best bits of kit I’ve ever used” and could never see him and his team going back to knocking in posts by hand, due to it taking far too long.

They have now knocked in over 35,000 posts across the Lake District with their drivers, and praised the reliability of the machine and the high quality of customer service when the machines were spent back to our workshop for their annual service.

These machines have changed everything for how Graham and his team are approaching tree planting jobs, with Graham stating how reliable the Easy Petrol Post Driver is compared to other handheld post hammers, his staff loving using the machine and the ability to transport it around on the back of their quadbikes, they would never go back to their old methods.

A Much Safer Alternative to Traditional Methods

Graham also stated the health and safety aspects to his team doing their jobs are at upmost importance to him and how their old methods of using a sledgehammer gave him concerns, however with the Easy Petrol Post Driver this is not long an issue and clients like the Natural England, appreciated the safer working methods.

Away from planting trees in the Lake District, Graham spends his time training his racing pigeons for competitions and spending time in his Caravan.

Thank you, Graham, for taking time out of your day to chat to us about your time using the Easy Petrol Post Driver.

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