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The revolutionary all steel Clipex® fencing is changing the fencing industry – offering long lasting alternatives to timber, with a low lifetime value.

Each post holds the wire firmly in place with a spring-loaded clip. These clips allow lateral flex but very little vertical wire movement is possible, which is important when downward pressure is put on the fence line. Every post has a pre-fixed anti-lift plate below ground level to prevent lifting in soft or undulating ground.

The Y-shaped profile of these posts means they can be driven into any ground with incredible ease and speed. A very easy task for the powerful Easy petrol Post Driver.

Multi Kit for all posts

The Multi UK-C adapter kit was created specially to fit Clipex posts. The middle insert will drive the Beefy sizes, and the smallest insert will drive the Standard and Eco sizes.

You can then interchange any other Multi Kit sizes to use with timber posts or other types of post.

Lightweight & low vibration

Weighing in at 15.6 kg it can easily be carried to remote locations and used all day.

Low HAV values enable hundreds of stakes to be driven per day.