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Easy to use tool for every contractor installing scaffold poles.

Increased productivity makes the difference to time and costs.

You can count on the Easy Petrol Post Driver to deliver the fastest work rates.

A safe and easy to use tool, for a full 8-hour days performance.

  • High Productivity
  • One Person Job
  • Reliable Performance

EXAMPLE APPLICATION - festoon lighting, festival sites, and temporary fencing

Scaffold poles are used for a wide variety of applications in even the smallest of festival sites – from festoon lighting, flags, signage, temporary fencing, tannoy audio systems, and more.

For use across many applications a Multi Kit is a good option for versatility – the Multi UK B provides a 52mm Adapter for your Scaffold Poles, plus a 78mm and 107mm adapter for other uses such as timber poles for signage or other needs such as fencing.

Post Driver with Multi-UK-B Adapter – for 2” 3” and 4” posts

A very flexible solution, using the smallest adapter in this kit for Scaffold Poles, and giving two larger adapters for other uses too.

Studio photograph of Easy Petrol Post Driver, fitted with 78ROUND adapter

Post Driver with 78 ROUND Adapter - for 3" Posts

A slightly cheaper solution is a smaller adapter set, utilising a 54mm Reducer within a 78mm Round adapter. This is a good option if large 100mm posts are never used.


54mm Reducer

For use with the 78ROUND Adapter creating a set suitable for Scaffold Poles



If your Scaffold Poles are used regularly and are prone to burring over, a protective cap can be used in conjunction with the 78mm Round. The cap needs to be moved from post to post, but offers more protection to the post tops.



If your Scaffold Poles are used regularly and are prone to burring over, a protective plug can be used. The plug needs to be moved from post to post, but offers more protection to the post tops.


Which adapter do I need?

Most importantly, you need a snug fitting adapter on the post. This ensures the machine is level on the post, striking it hard in the post centre, every time.

Adapter size guideline: allow 5-10mm larger than the post diameter. For non-uniform post shapes, measure the widest diameter of your post.

A poorly fitting adapter will be a detriment to the machines performance, and will cause strain on the operator and the machine. Still unsure – get in touch for expert advice.

Let the machine do the work for you


Drives 3” posts in under 30 seconds.
Drives 4" posts in under 60 seconds.
Designed for high volume post driving enabling maximum productivity.
Innovative air compression technology delivers consistent high striking power.
Post vibration carries harmonic frequencies direct to the soil surround for fast and accurate results.


Australian made precision manufacturing by Christie Engineering.
3-year machine warranty coupled with 1-year Honda engine warranty.
Comes as standard in a compact heavy-duty boxset, portable on-site and easy to stow.
Powered by reliable 4-stroke Honda GX35T engine, fail-safe on the coldest mornings.


Lightweight at 15.3kg.
Used across countless industries, thanks to interchangeable adapters to work with all posts.
Access otherwise unreachable areas for ultimate versatility.


A safe tool for solo operating with low HAV values; carries Network Rail Approval Certificate.
Safe design with rubber moulded handles, non-slip grip and ergonomic throttle handle.
Eliminates injuries on site.