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Tough Box

Protect your Easy Petrol Post Driver with our custom-made Tough Box. It is heavy duty to withstand the demands of outdoor working, and stands horizontally or vertically to maximise your storage space.. It provides ample space to protect and organise your machine and accessories.

(Included as standard with every machine)

Fuel Can

Included in the Tough Box is a 1.0 litre Fuel Can. A full engine tank plus this Fuel Can provides enough petrol for a whole day out in the field.

  • Solid 7" wheels, great for rugged terrain.
  • A collapsible handle.
  • A water tight lid for those wet days.
  • Padlock eyes for security.

75 x 53 x 45 cm

(All new machines come with a Tough Box as standard - images may show machine which is sold separately)