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Petrol Post Driver for Experienced Agricultural Contractors

March 04, 2022 4 min read

Petrol Post Driver for Experienced Agricultural Contractors
Midlands Machinery Show offers a great chance to bring the agriculture community together and this is precisely what happened a few years ago for Dave & Tracy Langford.

Experienced Agricultural Contractors

Having worked in the industry for over 50 years Dave Langford is always on the look out for new innovations that arrive within the market. “We visit a lot of shows as it lets us keep our hand and eye in what new things are coming.” And it was a trip to the popular outdoor show in 2016 that brought the Easy Petrol Post Driver to his attention. For 40 years Dave worked on a farm as a tractor driver and mechanic, a job he loved and had a real passion for. Unfortunately, the guy he worked for left the industry, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as Dave and Tracy were able to set up their own fencing business, something they’d always dreamed of doing.


Setting Up with a Tractor Post Knocker

When they began 14 years ago it was just the two of them with a couple of tractors, a Bryce Post Knocker and a Protech Post Knocker. The business grew quickly and it wasn’t long before they brought in an extra pair of hands to help with other odd customer jobs such as hedge cutting, digger work and drain clearance. The duo, who pride themselves on fully understanding the customer requirements, decided to remain in the industry that had served them so well for so many years. Choosing this path over branching out to more domestic and inner-city commercial jobs has stood them in very good stead. Not only do they have the knowledge to provide the most suitable solution, they can also engage on a personal level which is a vital benefit in today’s expanding digital world.

Image of the users with their machines

Customer service at the heart of their business

Tracy comments: “You get to know what the customers really want. Sometimes they come out and they’ll say we want a fence there but you’ll have to get it out of them to find out exactly what they want, how they want it and where they want it. And then it’s done right for them which is what we want.”

Replacing fence posts with the Easy Petrol Post Driver instead

Not afraid of hard work, Dave and Tracy would regularly undertake fence post replacements that had to be completed by hand before discovering the Easy Petrol Post Driver. Dave reflects on the effort spent manually installing posts “It was really hard work and when you’ve done that for a few posts, you know about it. It was a godsend really when we found your machine. It gets a lot of use.” When speaking with new customers we often refer to our current customers as they are, quite simply, the proof in the pudding. We discuss how most will already have a tractor mounted post knocker, a hydraulic post driver or even both before they purchase the Easy Petrol Post Driver. This is because our machine is designed to work alongside the other range of machinery, something which Dave and Tracy both understand so well: “Your machine is really helpful for doing areas like around the edge of fields that we can’t get to in the big machines, like around trees, corners, or awkward places. Or even if the ground is too wet, your machine is ideal for us as we don’t make any mess on any land then. We’ve actually just done a job for my daughter where we did 200m of post and rail round her gates, stables and house.”

Perfect Horse Riding Menages

They have even branched out into horse riding menages, “We’ve done a few of those, and they’re very strict with their sizes and placement. It’s got to be perfect, even if it’s on a slope or something, it’s all got to be perfect and level.” Being grafters also comes with its plus sides as they are able to enjoy an early brew and a slice of cake when they arrive on a job. Once finished though their work doesn’t stop there, with 7 dogs back home we bet there’s barely a moment to rest. (We know, you’re all wondering what breeds, don’t worry we asked!) “A Border Collie called Rico, a Beagle, a little Jack Russel-X-Shitsu puppy, and 4 Pointers.” Before you know it, they’re back on-site installing fences, clearing drains and replacing rotten fence posts.

“Seeing the completed job after, a nice straight fence.”

It’s a business that brings a lot of joy, for Tracy it’s “Meeting people. I love meeting people. Going to different places every day.” Whilst Dave loves “Seeing the completed job after, a nice straight fence.” Perhaps it’s the key behind their success, a dynamic duo that work incredibly well together, Tracy is liaises with the customer face-to-face whilst Dave ensures the job is completed to his own high standards. Whatever the secret behind the success, we’re delighted to have had the chance to speak with them and discover all about their life in the agricultural industry.