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Long Handles - Installation and Use

March 04, 2022 1 min read

Long Handles - Installation and Use

Our latest video guide walks you through how to install and use the Long Handle Attachment for the Easy Petrol Post Driver. The long handles give an extra 60cm of length, and can either be installed in the bottom of the Easy Petrol Post Driver for driving in extra long posts (such as deer fencing, or vine posts), or in the top of the machine if you are driving in posts on a hillside below your feet.

How To Install

1. Insert the Long Handles from below (or above if using reverse) into the handle tubes.

Installing long handle on the Easy Petrol Post Driver

2. Connect the supplied M10x340 Bolts into the other end of the handle tubes, and tighten.

3. Open the Air Filter Cover and switch over the Throttle Cable.

Easy Petrol Post Driver Air Filter

4. Test the machine to ensure the Long Handles are installed correctly. You may need to adjust the Throttle Release Screw. 

5. Start using your Post Driver for even more applications, safely knowing you wont need ladders or platforms for those pesky long posts!