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The Tree Planting Bundle

Our bundle products have done the thinking for you! This kit includes:

The Tree Planting Bundle combines a set of products designed to make small or large scale planting projects faster, easier, and more efficient. Whether you are planting thousands of Whips, or a few Heavy Standards, this kit has everything you need.

All adapters are interchangeable, just add other adapters to your basket if you also drive in Square Posts, Ground Anchors or something else.

Key Features:
- Multi Kit UK B gives largest spread of adapter sizes for all possible tree stakes
- Hour Counter to keep track of user times when monitoring HAVS on large projects
- Create pilot holes for accurate post placement
- Sturdy construction for long-lasting use
- Reduces overall work time significantly
- Minimises the risk of post misalignment or damage
- Minimises risk of tree damage

Why choose this bundle?
- Safety First:commercial planting contracts can be large scale and messy in tough winter conditions. Reduce the added risks of operator fatigue and possible injury by removing the swinging of a sledgehammer or man-killer. This model is Network Rail approved and is used by National Parks and the Environment Agency specifically to reduce operator injury.
- Unmatched Efficiency:
 saves a significant amount of time, enabling you to plant more trees than ever before. The Honda GX engine starts easily even on a frosty morning. A 3-year commercial warranty takes the worry out of machine longevity.
- Professional Results: Achieve professional-level results with the ease of one-person installation. Use the Pilot Core Tool first to create pilot holes for your large posts; this ensures accurate alignment and reduces the risk of wonky posts or damage during installation. 

Installing Ground Anchors too?
Add a Custom Collar to your Basket, let us know what diameter your Ground Anchor Rod Tool is in the Order Notes (in the Checkout). Any questions just give us a call.

Elevate your commercial planting to new heights of efficiency and accuracy. Say goodbye to manual labour and welcome the power of technology for your planting contracts.

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