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Easy Petrol Post Driver – Spirafix Machine

The Spirafix Model Easy Petrol Post Driver - the perfect tool for quickly and easily installing 40mm and 50mm anchors. With the high impact hammer action beating at 1720 BPM and the ultra-reliable Honda GX35T 4-stroke engine, this portable and lightweight tool makes it easy for a single operator to get the job done safely and quickly.

Made in Australia, with a 3-Year Warranty, our post driver is a reliable and effective solution for all of your anchor install jobs. Save time and money while doing the job safely.

The kit includes the post driver, a tough box and fuel can for easy storage and transport, and an instruction and servicing manual. When installing your Spirafix Anchors don't forget to use a Manual Hammer Cap (available from Spirafix) to protect the hex nut on top of your anchor. Don't waste any more time and energy struggling with traditional anchor installation methods - upgrade to the Spirafix Model Easy Petrol Post Driver today!

    • Spirafix Model Easy Petrol Post Driver
    • Tough Box and 1 litre Fuel Can
    • Instruction and Servicing Manual

    Please note; this Spirafix Model is not suitable for other types of post driving.
    A conversion kit is available to convert into the regular Post Driver for £250.00
    Plus adapters sold separately.

    Manufactured and Invented by Christie Engineering of Australia.
    European Distribution by SPA Landscaping Ltd trading as Easy Petrol Post Driver

    Blows per minute:





    1.0 (1.3HP) at 7,000 rpm
    4-stroke, overhead cam
    Trigger throttle with integrated stop button Spring isolated hand grips

    Vibration levels:

    9.24m/s sq

    Fuel consumption:

    0.71 L/h at 7,000 rpm
    Meets strictest worldwide emission and noise requirements
    Starting system Recoil (pull start)



    Post driver warranty:

    3 Year commercial warranty

    Engine warranty:

    1 Year genuine Honda warranty

    Noise level:

    105dB - hearing protection required