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The Equestrian Fence Bundle

Our bundle products have done the thinking for you! This kit includes:

Make more time for horse riding instead of fencing with our Equestrian Fence Bundle, combining a set of products needed for those pesky stable yard fencing jobs. Rectangle posts require the flat sides lining up, so the 5x3 Adapters allow you to steer the post into just the right position. The Pilot Core Tool is needed for these larger posts to ensure an easy installation.

Key Features:
- Create pilot holes for accurate post placement
- Sturdy construction for long-lasting use
- Steer rectangle posts into position.
- Reduces overall work time for large posts
- Minimises the risk of post misalignment or damage

Why choose this bundle?
- Reduce Manual Labour: Our Petrol Post Driver and Pilot Core Tool work in perfect synergy to save you time and effort during post installation. With the combination of power and precision, you'll complete your fencing projects in record time. By working in batches (e.g. 10 holes, add water, 10 posts, repeat) your overall work time will be significantly reduced.
- Professional Results: Achieve professional-level results with the ease of one-person installation. Use the Pilot Core Tool first to create pilot holes for your posts; this ensures accurate alignment and reduces the risk of wonky posts or damage during installation. 

Say goodbye to manual labour and welcome the power of technology for your post installation tasks.

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