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The Hire Shop Bundle

Our bundle products have done the thinking for you! This kit includes:

The Hire Shop Bundle combines a set of products designed to hire out to as many end users as possible.

The Multi UK B adapter gives the broadest range of sizes, suitable for 95% of users. If your customer needs something else then all adapters are interchangeable.

The Pilot Core Tool ensures posts can be driven into even the trickiest ground conditions - think Clay, Chalk, Flint, or just those dry summer months. Following the tips with water in the pilot hole helps even more.

Key Features:
- Multi Kit UK B gives largest spread of adapter sizes for all possible tree stakes
- Hour Counter to keep track of usage 
- Create pilot holes for accurate post placement
- Sturdy construction for long-lasting use
- Reduces overall work time significantly
- Minimises the risk of post misalignment or damage

Why choose this bundle?
- Unmatched Efficiency: saves a significant amount of time, enabling you to plant more trees than ever before. The Honda GX engine starts easily even on a frosty morning. A 3-year commercial warranty takes the worry out of machine longevity.
- Professional Results: Achieve professional-level results with the ease of one-person installation. Use the Pilot Core Tool first to create pilot holes for your large posts; this ensures accurate alignment and reduces the risk of wonky posts or damage during installation. 

Add something different to your hire fleet - Say goodbye to manual labour and welcome some petrol powered post driving. A 3-year commercial warranty, UK based stocks and Honda GX power gives you a tool 'built for hire'.

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