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FAQ: Do You Sell Square and Round Adapters for the Petrol Post Driver?

July 09, 2024 5 min read

FAQ: Do You Sell Square and Round Adapters for the Petrol Post Driver?

Designed for fast and accurate high volume post driving, our Petrol Post Driver drives 3” posts in under 30 seconds, and 4” posts in under 60 seconds! And if you’re working on a project that requires driving multiple post sizes, the last thing you want is to be slowed down by not being properly equipped to deal with each different post type.  We offer a range of round and square adapters, plus many more shapes and sizes, that are easily interchangeable to give you ultimate flexibility. Keep reading to find out which of our adapters are best suited to your post driver.

Whether they’re metal or timber, round or square, thick or thin, fencing posts come in many different variants depending on their application. All post sizes and profiles are suitable for use with our post driver, including chestnut and acacia posts and metal U/X/Z-profile posts, plus it’s compatible with popular fencing brand names such as Gripple, Hadley Posts, Versalok and Clipex.

While we don’t supply the posts for your projects, we have a range of adapters for the Petrol Post Driver available so that no matter what shape or size of post you’re working with, we’ve got it covered. Read on for more information on our round and square adapters.


Round adapters for Petrol Post Drivers

A round timber post is a common sight across farms and forests worldwide, and they have a whole host of applications. Our versatile range of round post driver adapters are suitable for all round posts from 2”-4”, including timber posts, metal scaffold posts, turned, peeled, split and rough sawn posts.

Here’s some of the most common applications that our round adapters are used for:


Tree planting and forestry

In tree planting settings, various round timber stakes are used depending on the tree size:

  • 2” stakes for whip and feathered stock planting
  • 3” stakes for large feathered, Standards and semi-mature tree planting
  • 4” stakes for mature Select and Heavy Standard tree planting

Our Multi 3-in-1 Adapter Kits fit all common fence post sizes - ideal for giving you the flexibility you need to tackle a variety of potential post sizes during the planting process.


Sheep and deer fencing

Deer and sheep fencing is typically comprised of 3” round posts, which our 78mm round adapter is perfect for, providing a snug-fit for precise installations.

Deer fence posts are also typically quite tall at around 10ft (3m) long. Our Long Handles accessory provide an extra 2ft (60cm) of height, allowing for safer driving of taller posts.


Stock fencing

Heavy-duty fencing used for stock fencing, equestrian paddocks and other general farming applications typically require 4” large timber posts, which are driven using our 107mm round adapter. For thicker posts such as these, we recommend combining the post driver with our Pilot Core tool to prime the ground for these thicker posts.


Scaffold poles

As well as for planting and fencing, our post knockers can be used to drive scaffolding poles for a wide variety of applications too, such as setting up festivals, festoon lighting, flags, signage, temporary fencing, tannoy audio systems and more.

This sort of work normally involves 48mm scaffold poles, for which we’d recommend our 54mm reducing adapters. Reducing adapters are to be used inside a round adapter, so depending on which adapter you’ve got you’ll either need a 54mm reducing adapter for the 78mm round adapter, or the 54mm reducing adapter for the 84mm round adapter.


Rectangular and square adapters for Petrol Post Drivers

Square and rectangle shaped posts come in many different sizes depending on their application. The Easy Petrol Post Driver can be used to drive them in accurately and evenly by using one of our many adapters available for square, rectangular and half-round posts, and are suitable for all square post sizes from 1”-4”, and all rectangle sizes up to 5”x3”.

Here’s some of the most common applications that our square adapters are used for:


Whip planting

1” or 2” square posts are typically used for whip planting for supporting tree guards, defenders, huggers and shelters. For 1” posts, we recommend our 32mm square adapter, and for 2” posts we recommend the 52mm square adapter.


Wildlife barrier fencing

Environmentally protected areas require minimum ground disturbance, and can be inaccessible for vehicle driven post knockers, which is where the Petrol Post Driver comes especially in handy.

Wildlife and nature fencing typically covers:

  • Newt fencing/Reptile fencing
    • Amphibian fencing
    • Badger fencing/Otter fencing
    • Snake fencing/Adder fencing
    • Drift fencing
    • Water vole fencing
    • Temporary amphibian fencing (TAF)

For these projects, like the whip planting, smaller 1” and 2” are also the most commonly used square posts used in these scenarios. So again, for these posts you should choose the 32mm square adapter or 52mm square adapter depending on the post size.


Railway fencing

The Easy Petrol Post Driver holds the Network Rail Certificate Of Acceptance. This means that our machinery has been approved as completely safe and fit for purpose for use on Network Rail infrastructure.

3” square posts are typically used for Network Rail perimeter fencing, so use our 80mm square adapter to get the perfect fit for these 75mm posts.


Agricultural strainer posts

Larger heavy-duty fencing projects such as farming, equestrian, gardens and decking require a larger 4” post. Combine those sturdier 100mm square posts with our 107mm square adapter for a precise fit and a firm hold. Like with the larger round posts, we also recommend using our Pilot Core tool beforehand.


How do I know which size adapter to use?

To get the most effective use from your Petrol Post Driver, the adapter size needs to be a snug fit for the post size you’re working with. We recommend that your adapter is no more than 5-10mm larger than your post. For non-round posts, i.e. squared and T-shaped posts, the outer corners also need to be within this tolerance.


Petrol Post Driver machine and adapter bundles

We offer a range of pre-designed machine and adapter bundles that take the guesswork out of which adapters you need for your particular post driving needs:


If you’re still unsure which adapter you need for your specific task at hand, then check out our blog “Which Petrol Post Driver Adapters are Best for Which Jobs?” for more insight into our multitude of different adapters and what types of work they’re typically used for, or you can contact us if you have any further questions.


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Delivering fast fencing work rates with a powerful strike force, even on the toughest dry ground, a Petrol Post Driver is a must-have tool for every farm, landscaper or fencing professional.

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