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Easy Petrol Post Driver – Marquee Machine

Are you looking for an efficient way to drive in marquee pins? Our post driver is the perfect solution. With the ability to drive all marquee pins in a matter of seconds, our tool makes it easy for a single operator to get the job The high impact, hammer action with 1720 BPM ensures that posts are driven into the ground quickly and easily.

Plus, the power pack is equipped with a reliable Honda GX35T 4-stroke engine, ensuring that you can count on it to get the job done right time and again for years. Made in Australia, with a 3-Year Warranty, our post driver is a reliable and effective solution for all of your marquee jobs. Save time and money while doing the job safely.

Suitable for the following pin profiles;
– mushroom head pin
– double head pin
– bent over pin

When you place your order we will ask for a few measurements from your pins. This is so that we can make the adapter just the right size for you - all included in the price.

  • We will ask: what diameter is the pin head? Does it have any hooks or washers? How much pin do you leave standing out of the ground? Or do you drive them right to the ground level?

Typical Users
– Festival/Fair Organisers
– Wedding Marquees & Outdoor Events
– Construction
– Contractors

    • Marquee Model Easy Petrol Post Driver
    • Tough Box and 1 litre Fuel Can
    • Instruction and Servicing Manual

    Please note; this Marquee Model is not suitable for other types of post driving.
    A conversion kit is available to convert into the regular Post Driver for £250.00
    Plus adapters sold separately.

    Manufactured and Invented by Christie Engineering of Australia.
    European Distribution by SPA Landscaping Ltd trading as Easy Petrol Post Driver

    Blows per minute:





    1.0 (1.3HP) at 7,000 rpm
    4-stroke, overhead cam
    Trigger throttle with integrated stop button Spring isolated hand grips

    Vibration levels:

    9.24m/s sq

    Fuel consumption:

    0.71 L/h at 7,000 rpm
    Meets strictest worldwide emission and noise requirements
    Starting system Recoil (pull start)



    Post driver warranty:

    3 Year commercial warranty

    Engine warranty:

    1 Year genuine Honda warranty

    Noise level:

    105dB - hearing protection required